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We are 4×4 rental self-drive experts that provide off-road vehicles and equipment for adventure travellers that want to discover the best of Southern Africa, with a focus on light travel.

Less becomes more

Tread lite 4×4 hire is a local travel business managed by brothers Grant and Stuart Parker.

As a family, they grew up near the Kruger National Park and spent holidays camping throughout South Africa. Stuart purchased a Jimny for his travel adventures. While packing for each adventure, he developed an appreciation for minimalist travel – learning to leave the non-essentials and keep the essentials. A love for the simplistic travel life was born.

Stuart has extensive experience in the travel industry. Whilst managing a luxury lodge in Botswana, Stuart came to the conclusion that crafted tours with access to screens and all the excess baggage of modern living distracted him from truly seeing and experiencing both nature and the people that surround him.

With Stuart’s passion for the outdoors/adventure and appreciation for minimalist travel, Tread Lite 4×4 was born. Launched in 2017, Tread Lite 4×4 is the first Jimny 4×4 hire business in South Africa and has catered to thousands of both international and local travellers’ adventures.

At Tread Lite 4×4,  Stuart personally assists with all trips which are custom made to the specific adventure you are looking for.

Q&A with Stuart

“The Northern parts of the Kruger National Park. It’s such a quiet, scenic place with great wildlife.”

“A massive heard of Elephants in Botswana, in the Chobe region.

It was awesome to just be “still” with them, and to enjoy the calm and being peaceful – It’s not about the chase.”

Whilst on a drive in the Hluhluwe game reserve with the family, everyone was asleep, except me and my young son. My son was sitting on my lap, holding the wheel. We drove around the park, stopping, looking and learning about all the animals and making funny animal noises. I guess you had to be there to understand, but it was special time with my son I’ll remember.

1 – Chilling around the campfire and cooking on the coals (braai / barbecue)

2 – Exploring the campsite and going for bush walks

3 – Sleeping outside as it is quiet and living in a minimalistic way

Get Real - Speak to Stuart

Sometimes you want to speak to a real person and ask your questions.

Get advice from your on-the-ground South African.

Get Real - Speak to Stuart

Sometimes you want to speak to a real person and ask your questions.

Get advice from your on-the-ground South African.

The 4 Wheels of Our Philosophy

The Power Of Travel in South Africa

1. Your Personal Growth

We believe in the power of travel to affect positive change on you, the traveller. By exposing you to our culture, travel broadens your horizons, giving you a greater respect and an understanding of our people. 

By immersing yourself in the natural heritage of our country, you connect with your inner self, rejuvenate your soul and gain a greater appreciation for the world we share.

2. Supporting Communities

Travel has the power to create positive change in others. Your holiday contributes directly to:

  • Poverty alleviation
  • Creating employment 
  • Improving the lives of the people you meet along the way

But it goes beyond that, your desire to travel gives others purpose. Think of the safari guide in the Kruger National Park waiting to show you the big five on a game drive. Or the people who hand craft African curios. 

Everywhere you travel you enrich the lives of those you encounter along the way.

3. Protect Our Environment

We believe travel plays a critical role in conserving and protecting our natural environment.

By travelling through our national parks, private reserves and heritage sites you are directly contributing to the protection and sustainability of these regions. 

As you travel with awareness and show respect for the places you visit, you help protect our natural heritage. 

We believe in providing 4x4s that have a lighter impact on the environment and anything else that help people tread lightly. 

4. Make Travel More Accessible

We believe that self-drive 4×4 packages enable more people to experience the joy of South Africa. 

As a conscious traveller, we encourage you to embrace the journey, experience the wonders of South Africa, and make a positive impact as you tread lightly across our beautiful land. 

Our vehicles (and travel support services), allow you to slow down, connect, and discover the wonders of a self-drive vacation through South Africa.

Your adventure starts here

Our itineraries are tailor-made to fit your interests, budget, and travel expectations.

How To Safari Like a Local

South Africans love going on safari, except they don’t call it that – they say they’re going to the bush.
Learn from the locals and get the best out of your game drives.

Check Out Our 5-point Guide: 

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