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How To Do A Self-Drive Safari Like a Local

South Africans love going on safari, except they don’t call it that –
they say they’re going to the bush.

The locals at Tread Lite 4×4 Hire put together some points to help fresh overseas tourists fit in and get the best out of a … sshhh … safari.

1. African style

No special “safari-style” couture outfits, or you will stand out like a spotted tiger

Choose loose-fitting, casual clothes, or shorts and t-shirts

Dress in warmer clothes, socks and shoes for cooler morning and evenings

2. You’ll need

Preferably a 4x4 rather than a city car, otherwise you may miss animals hiding in the tall grass (the grass can grow taller than an adult human)

If the game park (e.g. Kruger) is in a malaria area, you will need to get malaria tablets from your Doctor before you leave home

Binoculars and a camera

Bird and animal identification books

Plenty of snacks, water and drinks, you may stay out longer than you’d planned

3. Game drives

One early in the morning, back to camp for some R&R, and one late afternoon

But you can travel the whole day if you’d like to because you still see animals

Book at least one evening drive with the camp you’re staying at to see the night animals (you won’t be allowed to self-drive at night)

Plan your game drives around gate opening / closing times, they may fine you if you are late

4. Get to the gate early

South African school holidays are busy, so avoid these times if you can

Prebook online and get to the gate 30 minutes before opening time, to avoid long queues

Pack your breakfast, snacks and drinks the night before, so you can leave early

Once you’re in the park, stop at a scenic waterhole to eat your packed breakfast

5. Dawn and dusk are best

Animals are known to be most active in these cooler times

You’ll catch both day animals and night animals waking up

Experience the magic of Africa’s golden hour at sunrise / sunset

We can provide you with a ready-packed 4x4 Jimny that contains everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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