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Take a Jimny 4×4 rental for a self-drive adventure across South Africa.

We deliver lightweight 4×4 rentals that are ready-packed with everything you need and nothing you don’t, so that you are free to uncover new adventures.

Why choose Tread Lite Jimnys for your 4x4 adventure?

Our modified Jimnys are anything but ordinary:

Get a modified 4×4 with all the gear you need for a self-drive adventure in Africa.

So good to drive you’ll find a name for your Jimny and it will become part of the adventure.

Get on-the-ground advice

Ask us about wildlife safaris and secret destinations. Tell us what you’d like to do. We’d love to help you plan your whole trip, we also have packages that include accommodation.

Vehicle Hire Only

Includes all the equipment

Accommodation + Vehicle Hire

2-6 Day Packages

Accommodation + Vehicle Hire

7-21 Day Packages

Get Real - Speak to Stuart

Sometimes you want to speak to a real person and ask your questions.

Get advice from your on-the-ground South African.

Get Real - Speak to Stuart

Sometimes you want to speak to a real person and ask your questions.

Get advice from your on-the-ground South African.

Travel Light

More adventure travellers are doing lighter self-drive holidays. This is why they love the 4 wheels of our philosophy.

The 4 Wheels of Our Philosophy:

Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Tread lightly on earth. Leave only your footprints behind.

What will you need?

Our Jimny 4×4 hire rates include equipment (such as a fridge and freshly ground local coffee 😊).

Jimny 4x4 Hire

See Jimny details and pricing.

Equipment Hire

See what’s included and take what you need.

Camping Trailer Hire (optional)

If you choose to camp, you can add a camping trailer for extra convenience.

We’ve got you covered

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance cover with a low excess deposit is included in the 4×4 vehicle hire fee, ensuring your peace of mind while travelling throughout South Africa.

24 hour roadside assistance

Each vehicle is equipped with an emergency tracker which automatically alerts us in the case of an accident. 24-hour assistance is available throughout your stay.

We're a phone call away

We’re happy to help answer your questions. 

Unlimited mileage

No hassle with mileage calculations when you’re on holiday.

What Would Make You Smile?

We get it - you need coffee, just as a Jimny needs fuel.

So, every Jimny has:

We don’t want you to be grumpy when you spot a leopard climbing a tree at

6:00 a.m.

Spot the Tread Lite 4x4

Spot the Tread Lite 4×4 on adventures
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Join Our Community

Our travellers love our 4x4s so much that they name their Jimny.
What would you name yours?
Tag us with #treadlite4x4 and #nameofyour4x4

Travellers Say:

Perfectly kitted out

“From start to finish we had the most incredible trip to northern KwaZulu-Natal (Kosi mouth, Gugulesizwe and Hluhlwe). Thanks to Stuart we were able to do this trip to relatively inaccessible parts of SA at a cost-effective price and with all the camping equipment that we needed.”
Kelly Blair


We searched a long time

“… for an affordable 4×4 package. This was not only the most economic option (trust me, we’ve compared them all… ), but it turned out to be the best as well! The communication before and during the trip was truly outstanding, as Stewart helped with preparing our trip (gave some excellent tips). The car is indeed equipped with everything you need (and nothing you don’t) and the material is of good quality. For those with back problems, the mats provided are really good, we slept like angels!”

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