Rent one of our original 1.3 L Suzuki Jimny’s and enjoy an adventurous camping or self drive safari across Southern Africa.

The Original Suzuki Jimny 

Comfortable and spacious with good on and off-road performance and uncompromising reliability makes this the perfect budget 4×4 rental.

With a 20 year legacy and reputation for its exceptional off-road capabilities and reliability, the original 1.3l Jimny is the perfect 4×4 rental for the budget-conscious traveler keen to explore the depths of Southern Africa – be it camping, backpacking or in self-catering accommodation. With its no-frills design, the original Jimny offers a more simplistic layout in a vehicle that is comfortable and easy to drive. Whether you are planning to climb Sani Pass and the Lesotho Mountains, test the trails in the Kruger National Park, or cross the border into Mozambique or Namibia, this compact overlander will get you there in style.

We have adapted our vehicles to suit two travelers with the back seats removed for extra luggage capacity. This roof rack provides additional space for essential camping gear and a jerry can for those long-haul journeys. Over the years, our original Jimnys have adapted many names as our travelers fall in love with their cute but rugged personalities. This Jimny promises to become as much a part of your journey as the destination.

Vehicle Features & Specifications 

Economical, light weight & capable 4×4’s, perfect for your South Africa adventure!


9L/100 Km
(Average 4×4: 12 L/100 Km)


171 g/kg
(Average Diesel 4×4: 191 g/Kg)


1070 kg
(Average 4×4: 2800 Kg)


1,3 L


Five Speed Manual


Low Range Gearbox
2WD Selection For Road Driving


816 Litres
(40 Kg Roof Rack Capacity)


Manual Control Air Conditioning 


Airbags & ABS Breaks


Aftermarket Bluetooth connector

4×4 Rental Rates

Our daily rental rates include all the gear you need for your travels to Southern Africa.

Year Round 

2020 & 2021 Rates – year round 


Our comprehensive list of equipment perfectly suited to your travel preferences

We understand that every traveller’s interests are different and their equipment requirements will differ depending on the type of adventure they choose. With a compact design, we have a variety of equipment setups available ensuring our travellers take only the essentials for what they need, while leaving all the clutter and unnecessary items behind. Our basic equipped rental setup includes a Thule roofbox (New Jimny).

for extra space, a fridge to keep food and drinks cold on the road, and an elegant picnic box  ideal for those impromptu lunchtime stop-overs. For the camping enthusiast, our complete kit includes amongst other things a ground tent, self-inflating mattresses and bedding.

Included in every rental:

Thule Roof Box

New Jimny – Original on request 

First Aid Essentials

Onboard WIFI

Coffee Maker

Fresh local roasted coffee

Electric Camping Fridge


Add what you need: 

Comfortable Tent

Self Inflating Mattress

Singles or double

Jerry Can (Fuel)

1 x 20L capacity

Gas Cooker

Kitchen Utensils

Pots & Pans


Camping Chairs


Camping Lights


Cooking Grid


Camping Table



If you are looking for a little more space and a few extra creature comforts such as cruise control and an automatic gearbox, then take a look at our new Jimny 4×4 rentals.

With its compact size, excellent 4×4 capabilities and world-class reliability, the all-new 1.5L Suzuki Jimny is an excellent option for your self drive safari to South Africa.

We’ve Got You Covered

Comprehensive Insurance

With low excess deposits, all our vehicles include comprehensive insurance cover ensuing peace of mind while travelling throughout South Africa. 

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Each vehicle is equipped with an emergency tracker which automatically alerts us in the case of an accident. 24 hour assistance is available throughout your stay.

Discover South Africa on a self drive vacation with Tread Lite 4x4 hire and our Jimny Rentals