3 Night coastal break to the de hoop nature reserve

The Complete Coastal Experience

With a massive array of activities including land-based whale watching, unique game viewing and birding opportunities, mountain biking, hiking and river excursions, the De  Hoop Nature Reserve is the perfect outdoor escape in the Western Cape. 

The De Hoop Nature Reserve is located an easy three hours drive from Cape Town toward the Garden Route. With it’s location close to Cape Aghulas, the reserve offers some of the best land-based whale watching in South Africa and endless coastal vistas to enjoy as you explore the unique coastline. But the reserve is not only about the coastline! The 340 square kilometre park (managed by Cape Nature) offers exquisite fauna and flora with a variety of activities to keep you busy . With one of our equipped Jimny rentals you can enjoy the dusty, rugged roads of the reserve with confidence to make the most of your time in the reserve.   


The De Hoop Nature Reserve is an easy three hours drive from Cape Town making it the perfect coastal escape for the nature lover and adventure enthusiast. The final stretch to the reserve is a sand road as are most of the roads within the park which makes our Tread Lite 4×4 hire Jimny the perfect companion for your trip. The reserve is best known for its land-based whale watching but it is also home to an impressive variety of wildlife species including bontebok, Cape mountain zebra, and eland to name a few. The coastal and inland birdlife will also have you enthralled as you drive through the reserve and explore the rocky coastline. 

Things to do in De Hoop Nature Reserve

Ride, Hike, Run:  Regular visitors to the De Hoop Nature Reserve will rave about the reserves wide variety of activities, and for good reason. If you are an active traveller you will love the massive variety of trails ranging from 5km to 55km. 

Whale Watching: We have said it a few times but we going to say it again. De Hoop Nature Reserve offers incredible land-based whale watching. We recommend you pack the picnic basket, settle down on the dunes or the rocks below and simply watch as the whale’s breach in front of you.  What you will love most about whale watching from De Hoop is the distinct lack of crowds. 

Guided Activities:  We recommend you spoil yourself and enjoy one of the many guided activities on offer from the De Hoop Collection. Our personal favorite is the Marine Walk which offers insight into the ocean creatures which can be found in the many rock pools scattered along the coast. Guided nature drives, estuary cruises, and a fascinating vulture experience are also on offer. 


More about the Campsite Bungalows

As our company name suggests, we are all about lightweight, simplistic accommodation and the Campsite Bungalows at the De Hoop Collection are exactly that. The bungalows have 2 beds with outdoor shared showers and toilets – much like a regular campsite but with cool accommodation to enjoy. They are ideal guests looking for simple and affordable accommodation with a braai area. While there are no other kitchen facilities on offer, the gear you will find inside our equipped Jimny will fill the gap. Included in the rental are a camping table, chairs, fridge, compact gas cooker and all the cooking utensils you need for two people to enjoy a rustic break away. 

Campsite Rondawels at De Hoop Nature Reserve
Eland in the De Hoop Nature Reserve
Coastal landscapes of De Hoop Nature Reserve

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