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So Much More Than A 4×4 Hire Company

Our Philosophy

TREAD LITE 4×4 hire believes in the transformative power of travel!

Personal growth on your 4x4 adventure to South Africa

Personal Growth

The power to transform your ideologies & understanding of the world around you.

Transform communities during your travels in South Africa

Transform Communities

The power to transform local communities through job creation & international exposure.

Contributing to the protection of the environment with Tread Lite 4x4 hire

Protect The Environment

The power to transform and protect the natural environment through responsible tourism.

TREAD LITE 4×4 hire believes in the power of travel to affect positive change on the traveller. By exposing you to foreign cultures, travel broadens your horizons, giving you a greater respect and understanding of humanity. Immersing yourself in the natural heritage of a distant country allows you to connect with your inner being, rejuvenating your soul and giving you a greater appreciation for the world we live in.

Creating Positive Change

Importantly, we believe in the power travel has to transform and create positive change. As a conscious traveller, your hard earned travel spend contributes directly to poverty alleviation, creating employment opportunities and improving the lives of the people you meet along the way. But it goes beyond that, your desire to travel gives others purpose. Think of the safari guide in the Kruger National Park waiting to show you the big five on a game drive. Or the men and women who dedicate their time to creating African crafts by hand to sell to you at the local market. Everywhere you travel, there are opportunity to leave a mark enriching your life and those you who’s path you cross.

Protecting Our Environment

We believe travel plays a critical role in conserving and protecting our natural environment. By travelling to the far reaches of South Africa through the many national parks, private reserves and heritage sites you are directly contributing to the protection and sustainability of these regions. Being a responsible traveller is however important in ensuring the long term protection of our natural heritage. This includes travelling with awareness and showing respect for the places you visit.

Accessible Travel

Lastly, TREAD LITE 4×4 hire believes that travel should be accessible for all. Our affordable rental rates make your South Africa vacation a reality. As a conscious travel, we encourage you to embrace the journey, experience the wonders of South Africa and make a positive impact as you tread lightly across our beautiful land.

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