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Our guests discovered the wonders of a self drive vacation to Botswana in one of our fully equipped Suzuki Jimny’s. 

One of the greatest joys for us at Tread Lite 4×4 hire is to hear all about the exciting memories and travel adventures our guests have enjoyed on their adventures through Southern Africa. We received the below story from guests who recently travelled on a self drive vacation to Botswana in one of our Suzuki Jimny’s 

Rustic Camping in Botswana

Being two students and on a tight budget, Tread Lite 4×4 was by far the best valued 4×4 rental company we could find. Tread Lite is a company which sticks to its ideologies of offering “Everything you need and nothing you don’t”. The fact that the company is owner run is shown through the ingenious ways the owner had packed and presented the car for us. The attention to detail outshines that of the competitors. Being sceptical of taking a Suzuki Jimny to the Central Kalahari and beyond, we tried to mentally prepare ourselves in our knowledge not to get stuck. This included letting down tire pressure and having the right driving attitude whilst conquering the deep sand. To our surprise, the Jimny coped just fine.

Lunch on the Boteti River

We had just entered the Khama Rhino Sanctuary and straight away realised how the car glides over the soft sand, where other far heavier vehicles would have to plough through. With this realisation, we had all the confidence we needed to tackle the great sand face which is the Central Kalahari desert.

Outside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Having met with the Tread Lite team before the trip helped a lot with the planning of the trip. With their extensive knowledge, we were able to witness places we could have only dreamt of. Such as the great Boteti river. This was definitely right up there on the highlight list. Sitting under a large acacia tree on the dried up river banks, we watched the Zebras, Elephants and many other animals move for hours. The other new and truly mesmerising experience was the wild camping with a mokoro in the Okavango Delta. This too was suggested by the Tread Lite team and was backed up by many articles (check out Don’t Kick a Lion Cub)  stating what a spectacular experience this was. The mokoro trip into the delta blew away all expectations. Never have I felt such serenity and comfort being among the great wilderness of Africa. This was the true highlight of the trip. The great part was that we could simply take everything from the car- including the fridge, and take it with on a separate mokoro. By the end of the trip, the little Suzuki had truly found a place in our hearts and had earned our full respect for the beautiful places it had brought us to. 

Sunset on our mokoro adventure into the Okavango Delta

Thanks for Philip for sharing your feedback with us. Botswana is without doubt one of Africa’s greatest wildlife destinations. Self drive vacations through Botswana can be challenging with the tough road conditions and remote locations. There are however many beautiful parks and regions easily accessible by our tough Suzuki Jimny’s. With the correct planning, you can enjoy a truly remarkable vacation through Botswana with us.  

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