What Does a 4x4 Adventure Traveller Look Like?

What characteristics does a typical adventure traveller have?

Our Suzuki Jimny packed and ready to go

1. You Are Budget Conscious Adventure Travellers Who Prefer To Travel At Your Own Pace

Our vehicles are affordable and fully equipped which makes them the perfect choice for the budget conscious traveler. With all the equipment included in your rental, there are no hidden costs or surprises when you arrive in South Africa.

Self-drive vacations are perfectly suited to the free-spirited traveler. There is no sticking to time schedules or group tour itineraries – you simply go wherever your heart desires.

2. You Prefer A Minimalistic Approach To Travel, Leaving The Bells And Whistles At Home

At Tread Lite 4×4 hire, we firmly believe in the value of minimalistic travel. We prefer to leave the kitchen sink at home and take only what you really need. With years of camping experience in South Africa under our belts, the equipment in our vehicles has been carefully selected, ensuring the necessities are there, but kept to an absolute minimum.

The Suzuki Jimny epitomizes minimalistic travel. It is a compact, lightweight vehicle with all the strength and capabilities of its heavier counterparts.

3. You Seek Experiences, Not Luxury Hotel Rooms And Five-Star Service

You know how the saying goes; the journey is the destination – and that is exactly what we believe. The fun, adventurous nature of our vehicles means the journey from point A to point B is more than just a stretch of road, there is a world of experiences waiting to be discovered.

We also value the experience of back to basics travel where spending the night under the stars around the campfire and comfy tent is all you need. Combining your camping with self-catered and budget friendly accommodation is a great way to create a varied experience as you explore the diversity of South Africa.

Camping out with our Suzuki Jimny

4. You Are A Conscious Traveler With A Healthy Respect For The Destinations You Visit

Understanding the impact your vacation has on the destination you choose to visit is fundamental to Tread Lite 4×4 hire. We believe in the power of travel to transform your life and those who you meet along the way. If you are all about connecting with the destination and getting to know the people, you will love the Tread Lite 4×4 hire experience.

South Africa is a diverse, multicultural destination with more experiences on offer than you can possibly imagine. We are a proud nation and ready to welcome you with open arms. Come and enjoy our beautiful country but we ask you to respect our heritage, culture and environment while you travel.

5. You Keen On A 4×4 But Don’t Want A Large Bulky Vehicle

There are a lot of 4×4 options available out there but not everyone wants a large vehicle. If this is you, and you prefer a light weight4x4 that has all the space you need, perfectly capable off road but easier to drive and maneuver about as you go, then our vehicles are ideal for you.

6. You Are After Unique Experiences In Your Travels

Do you prefer unique experiences? Are you looking for a rental vehicle that offers you something different – a vehicle that is as much a part of your travels as the destinations you choose to visit? Then look no further – our Suzuki Jimny’s are great fun to drive. True to Suzuki’s worldwide slogan ‘Way of life’ – our Tread Lite 4×4 hire Jimny’s are so much more than a vehicle, they are guaranteed to take you on a journey you will remember forever.

Choosing the road less travelled!

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Heard Enough And Ready to Start Planning Your Self-Drive Adventure To South Africa

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